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New Car Treatment


From the outset of car ownership, we are here to ensure your new car is treated correctly.  Our services are designed to protect your investment in that car and ensure you get the best future value for it.


People often overlook the need to correctly treat their new pride and joy as they often say, “It’s brand new! Isn't this already done for me?”


When your new pride and joy is delivered, you would anticipate it would be presented with the highest level of care.  Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case!  Over the years we have seen various types of imperfections, damage and issues that dealers have gone to great lengths to conceal and rectify quickly and quite often to a substandard.


Although you’re likely to be offered the dealer's ‘paint protection packages’ with many years of protection and the promise of “no more polishing”, some products are of a high quality.  However, they are rarely applied to the vehicle correctly or with enough prior preparation. This unfortunately doesn't justify the cost or represent the best treatment of your new car.


Our New Car Treatment typically takes a full day and comprises of some of the industries’ finest preparation systems and coatings.  We ensure that our process protects your investment for a proven and tested period.


This means that you as the new owner get to enjoy a vehicle's paintwork that has unrivalled UV resistance, is easy to clean and is swirl resistant.  This is all achieved through our application of the most up to date coatings.


Unlike other providers, our standard New Car Treatment includes, the removal of alloy wheels so that they can be coated both inside and out.  We even seal the exterior glass with an exceptionally durable hydrophobic coating.  The vehicle's interior upholstery is coated in a resin based fabric protectant and leather seats are treated to a water-based dirt & jean dye transfer barrier. 


Simply this is the best start to life for your new car.


We suggest you ask the supplying Dealership not to touch the car prior to collection. Not even a wash and certainly no polish… This is to greatly minimise the need for more expensive paint correction services to remove imperfections like fine scratches and swirls from bad wash and polish practices, that unskilled personnel could have easily have caused in the preparation stages.

Time taken - 6 - 13 Hours