5 Day Signature Detail



Our Complete HDC Process

  • Alloy wheels removed, deep cleansed inside and out and later sealed with a specialist coating
  • Wheel arches flushed, door shuts cleaned, engine bay degreased
  • Extensive wash process using the safe two bucket system and pH neutral shampoo/foam
  • Tar deposits and iron rich/metallic contaminants chemically removed
  • Remaining surface contaminants removed via claybar system
  • Vehicle air dried to remove trapped water and eliminate drips/watermarks
  • Delicate areas, washer jets, badges and trim are taped-up or removed to aid machine polishing stage
  • A multi-stage machine correction to remove up to 95% of the paint defects
  • Vehicle re-washed to remove dust created from heavy polishing stage
  • Air dryer used to free trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Further machine polished to burnish and refine the paint to a mirror-like, high gloss finish
  • Paintwork thoroughly wiped over with alcohol to remove residues and oils leaving a clean base
  • Paintwork protected with Ceramic Paint Protection
  • Exterior trim dressed with permanent trim restorer leaving ‘like new’ condition
  • Windscreen machine polished specialist chemicals to remove wiper haze and to prep for glass coating
  • Glass cleaned throughout and exterior hydrophobic rain repellant coating applied
  • Britework, badges and grilles polished by hand and protected
  • Tyres dressed with long life tyre gel
  • Interior vacuumed
  • All litter removed
  • Interior fascia’s cleaned throughout inc. luggage area and spare wheel well
  • Leather given a deep clean with water-based cleaners and protected with specific Leather Protector
  • Upholstery, floor mats and carpets wet vacuumed to remove any ingrained marks and stains before being treated with a stain resistant coating
  • Ultra detailed inspection and a wipedown with a spray sealant


Time Taken - 35 Hours



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