Basic Detailing Services



Detailing is not the same as placing your car in an automatic car wash, or a roadside "hand wash".


Our systems and approach are designed to eliminate the chances of scratches, marring and swirls being introduced to your vehicle's paintwork.   Why?


These imperfections dull and reduce the clarity of the final finish of your car, thus making it appear faded or worse.


As detailers, we carefully and meticulously inspect, clean and enhance your vehicle.


Our Basic Services are an introduction to detailing, they offer exceptional value for money and the opportunity to protect your vehicle.


Every car is different, particularly when it comes to classic vehicles.  As such, we're very much open to discussing your individual car's needs and requirements.  We will also be upfront and honest with you in regards to what can and cannot be acheived.  Sometimes chasing perfection can cause more harm than good.  This is why we have been trusted with high value vehicles again and again.

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Enjoy Your Car



Once the work is completed, you can collect your car or if you have arranged transportation with us, it will be delivered back to your desired location.  We're sure you'll be more than satisfied with the HDC results.